Bring the whole family and let's ride!  Join us at Trail Creek (East Athens Community Park) this Saturday 9 a.m. to Noon. We will have guided rides on the short beginner friendly Green loop, a raffle with prizes from local bike shops, and free pizza for lunch courtesy of SORBA-Athens. Bring your bike and a helmet. If you don't have a bike, no worries. We'll have several loaner bikes and helmets available in various sizes. Please park in the parking spaces along Trail Creek Street inside the park (or in the parking lot above it) and ride up the hill to the Green Loop trailhead at the gravel triangle.

Meet at the Trailhead (33°39'43.6"N 83°37'42.9"W). We are also looking for one or two extra crew leaders. 

Contact Bill Pflueger if you can help or to get more info.
Let's rally ladies! Registration starts at 8:40 and we'll roll out at 9. This is the perfect setting to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. We will break up the groups by skill level. We have the most amazing coaches on hand to get you to the next level. Please plan on sticking around for lunch and fellowship. It's going to be a great time. Visit the Facebook Event Page for more info and to reserve a bike if you need one.

When: June 13th - 15th
Where:  Nancytown Group Camp, Lake Russell WMA

We have reserved the Nancytown Group Camp at Lake Russell WMA. Free camping for everyone courtesy of SORBA-Athens. There are plenty of pads for tents and lots of parking so come one come all! We'll be camping Friday and Saturday night and probably riding a little each day (& night, depending on your tastes).
There is no electricity at the group camp, but there is clean water available and private facilities. Three trails literally begin at the campsite, so we'll be riding out from our camp. We'll be riding Sourwood, Ladyslipper, Chenocetah/Rhododendron, Lake Russell, as well as some longer excursions to other parts of the WMA.
Join our Facebook Event to RSVP and get the latest updates.
When: Saturday May 31st, 10 a.m to 1 p.m
Trail Creek Park Upper Parking Lot
We will meet in the upper parking lot and work on the new downhill sections in Phase 2. Please bring gloves and a water bottle.
This will be a fun 3 hour race sponsored by Terrapin and Chain Buster Racing at one of your favorite local trails, Heritage Park.

Race Day Timeline
7:00-8:30 Packet Pick up /Race day registration open
9:00 Racers meeting
9:15 Bikes positioned on starting line
9:30 Race start
12:30 Race ends
12:45 Race Awards

Details and Registration Info

Volunteer Signup

When:  Saturday May 10th 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where:  Hard Labor Creek Trailhead

We will have a bike trail work party  at Hard Labor Creek State Park this Saturday (5/10) from 9 till 1. With a productive day, we hope to be able to OPEN THE NEW GREEN TRAIL!! Well, Phase 1 (of 3) anyway, that will add another 1.5-miles to the 10.5 already open. Bring your bike, or running shoes, for a grand tour afterwards.

The Scott Bikes Twilight Mountain Bike Time Trial Qualifier and Criterium Finals were a huge success.  We had 52 racers registered this year and heard nothing but high praise for the trails and the race.  Huge thanks to Athens Twilight, Scott Bikes, all of our volunteers, and Steve Coopat for taking some amazing photos.

Time Trials Photos

Athens Twilight Photos

MTB Criterium Finals Results: 
1. Eldridge Joe 29:00.0
2. Perry Aaron 29:01.4
3. Rinner Cory 29:02.0
4. Cowie Tristan 29:05.8
5. Edens Michael 29:24.9
6. Murphy Eric 29:25.7
7. Baring Elliott 29:25.9
8. Peacock Reid 29:26.4
9, Quinn Oliver 29:27.4
10. Bridges Blake 29:28.2
11. Wolfe Ryan 29:28.7
12. Prillaman Darryl 29:28.8
13. Nixon M 29:28.9
14. Newman Donald 29:29.3
15. Stuart Jeff 29:30.3
16. Smith Parker 29:30.9
17. Magner Brett 29:42.1
18. Magner Casey 30:27.8

Time Trial Qualifier Results:
1. 119 Oliver Quinn 0:06:25
2. 146 Aaron Perry 0:06:27
3. 151 Casey Magner 0:06:28
3. 113 Eric Murphy 0:06:28
4. 140 M Nixon 0:06:40
5. 102 Blake Bridges 0:06:43
6. 153 Adam Forsberg 0:06:45
7. 101 Elliott Baring 0:06:46
8. 150 Michael Edens 0:06:47
9. 141 Cory Rimmer 0:06:48
9. 143 Ryan Wolfe 0:06:48
9. 116 Reid Peacock 0:06:48
10. 112 Brett Magner 0:06:52
11. 133 Darryl Prillaman 0:06:53
11. 148 Rusty Wallace 0:06:53
12. 105 Tristan Cowie 0:06:55
13. 142 Parker Smith 0:06:58
14. 120 Hunter Resek 0:07:04
15. 134 Jeff Stuart 0:07:07
16. 108 Chris Deluise 0:07:11
17. 115 Donald Newman 0:07:13
18. 139 Simon Lewis 0:07:14
19. 138 Joe Dunlap 0:07:15
20. 152 Emily Cox 0:07:17
20. 110 David Jordan 0:07:17
20. 135 Max Perethian 0:07:17
21. 117 Jason Perry 0:07:20
22. 106 Sean Crews 0:07:23
23. 145 Joe Eldridge 0:07:24
23. 126 Rico Vercoe 0:07:24
24. 107 Howie Davis 0:07:25
25. 104 James Cote 0:07:27
26. 111 George Larson 0:07:30
27. 149 Drew Genteman 0:07:42
28. 100 Tyler Adsit 0:07:45
29. 114 Clint Nephew 0:07:46
29. 127 Brandon Bolz 0:07:46
30. 124 Ben Stevens 0:07:48
31. 121 Mathew Ross 0:07:50
32. 136 Tom Nugent 0:07:51
33. 109 Joshua Dyer 0:07:53
34. 144 Catherine Harnden 0:07:58
35. 103 William Catrillion 0:08:02
36. 125 Robert Thomas 0:08:05
37. 123 Lane Smith 0:08:28
38. 128 Andrew Wiles 0:08:34
39. 132 Will Pursell 0:08:36
40. 137 Mike Greenlee 0:08:53
41. 122 Lars Rudow 0:08:54
42. 147 Troy Moore 0:09:01
43. 131 Robin Dickerson 0:09:13
44. 130 Krinson Black 0:09:19

When: Saturday April 26th 9 a.m. (Twilight Weekend)
Where:  Trail Creek Park (EACP)

This will be a ~1.6 mile course (clockwise) on The Green & Orange Crush loops.  

You get one lap so make it a good one. The top 50 who qualify in the Time Trials at Trail Creek will get to race in the 20K Mountain Bike Criterium downtown Saturday night (~6:45 p.m. after the Amateur Finals). The route will be the same as last year.  You will ride both loops and go up the Green/Orange connector and back down the clearing to avoid two-way traffic. The only difference is this time you get to take Josh's Jump when exiting the Orange Crush upper loop.  It'll be a blast! 

Please plan to be there early so that they can stay on schedule. Only check and cash will be accepted as payment on Saturday for on-site registration. Day of registration ends at 9 a.m. and racing starts at 9:30 a.m. They will likely be sending riders every two minutes.

Base Fee:  $25  ($10 less than last year)  

One Day USAC License:  $10 for a one day license if you don't already have a USAC license (same as last year).

No drop bars allowed. You can ride knobbies at the time trial and switch to slicks for the downtown race (1.5 inch minimum width). Otherwise, you must ride the same setup in both races.  If you do not already have a USAC license you will need to purchase one onsite on the day of the event.

Online reg closes @ Noon on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.  A $10 late fee will be assessed for day-of entries.

More Info, Rules, and Registration
Facebook Event Page
2013 MTB Time Trial and Criterium Results

When: Thursday, April 24th 6 to 8 p.m.
Where: Ted's Most Best 
(Cash Only Please)
Terrapin will donate a special cask of Hopsecutioner IPA with lime leaves and coriander. We will also have a raffle with cool prizes including free entries into the 3 hours of Hi-5 Race at Heritage Park and items from Terrapin and local businesses. Come have a beer with us and help us raise money to build more trails